International Events

CU Medicine organizes a wide array of events during the year to bring together international experts from all over the world:

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors - 
East Meets West Symposium


Pan-Asia Endoscopic Ear Surgery Forum

Chinese University of Hong Kong Surgical Symposium

Congress on Fertility, Obstetrics, Cancers, Urogynaecology and endoScopy (FOCUS)

Brain - Asia Pacific Multidisciplinary Meeting for Nervous System Diseases 

Urology Symposium

International Digestive Disease Forum (IDDF)

CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing Conference

International Symposium on Spine and Paravertebral Sonography for Anaesthesia and Pain Medicine

Hong Kong International Wrist Arthroscopy Workshop and Seminar 

BCM-CUHK Joint Symposium in Clinical Genetics cum Asia Pacific Congress in Maternal Fetal Medicine (APCMFM)

Immuno-Oncology Conference

Update in Paediatric Respiratory Diseases 

International Workshop on Therapeutic Endoscopy

Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Education Conference (CUMEC)

The CUHK Head & Neck Dissection and Reconstruction Hands-on Course

Diabetes Prevent the Preventables (DPP)

BeHealth 3 -
Interdisciplinary Forum on Behavioral Health -

International Perspectives

CUHK International Symposium on Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine

Hong Kong Speech and Hearing Symposium

International Minimally Invasive Surgery Conference


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