14 Mar 2019

Current guidelines recommend non-invasive tests of liver fibrosis as initial assessment of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. The latest model of vibration-controlled transient elastography, a non-invasive test of fibrosis, automatically selects M or XL probe according...

7 Jan 2019

Currently, there is no global consensus on the use of diagnostic upper endoscopy to recognise and characterise early gastrointestinal (GI) cancers, especially from Asia where upper GI cancers are highly prevalent. “An Asian consensus on standards of diagnostic upper en...

24 Nov 2018

As the increase in inflammatory bowel diseases globally is believed to be associated with the industrialization of nations, this large-scale study on “Population Density and Risk of Inflammatory Bowel Disease: A Prospective Population-Based Study in 13 Countries or Reg...

1 Nov 2018

Cheers to a second successful year for the Academy for Young Leaders (Gastroenterology and Hepatology), a joint-initiative of University of Melbourne and The Chinese University of Hong Kong! We wish to take this opportunity to thank our collaborators Prof Michael Kamm...

28 Jun 2018

The question “Can the same controlled attenuation parameter cut‐offs be used for M and XL probes for diagnosing hepatic steatosis?” was answered based on data gathered from the University of Malaya Medical Centre and the Prince of Wales Hospital in Hong Kong. Indeed, t...

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